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Armageddon 2001 # 2


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Immediately following what took place in the Justice League Europe Annual, Waverider now investigates Captain Atom’s future to determine if he will become Monarch. In that future, he sees that Nathaniel Adam has retired from active duty as Captain Atom due to an accident that led to some instability with his powers. However, as Nathaniel hobbles around New York City, he sees that his children and grandchildren have been gunned down by a street gang, and not only are the police not prosecuting the ones responsible for their deaths, but also the bodies of the deceased are simply treated like garbage. Angry at the lack of justice, Nathaniel becomes Captain Atom to avenge their deaths by killing the gang members responsible for it, and then turns his entire anger on the whole city, devastating it with his quantum powers before he reverts back to Nathaniel Adam, weakened and spent.

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