The Man of Steel # 6 (1986)


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Synopsis for “The Haunting”

Clark returns to Smallville after a long time away. His adoptive parents pick him up. Jonathan Kent is about to tell him something but Martha shushes him.

Later that night, Clark cannot sleep as he wonders what his father was about to tell him. When he goes for a midnight snack, a “ghost” of Jor-El surprises him and touches him.

Superman discovers himself to be on an alien planet where he encounters his biological mother, Lara. As the hallucination wears off, he is face to face with his old flame, Lana Lang.

In a flashback, it turns out that on the night that Clark learned his heritage he went to Lana and revealed the truth of his powers to her. She confesses her feelings to him. She realizes that Clark can no longer belong to her, that he belongs to the world and this fact had hurt her. She had gone through a period of depression and finally accepts the fact.

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