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ROM #50


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Synopsis for “The Extraterrestrials!”

Late at night, a group of alien figures emerge from their spacecraft outside Clairton searching for their prey. A group of humans approach and are stunned by the now revealed Skrulls. The Skrulls attune their scanners and head out in search of their enemies. As day breaks over Clairton, Brock Jones a.k.a. The Torpedo flies home declaring this the day that ‘the Torpedo dies.’ He believes that with Rom and Starshine back there is no need for him to continue as the Torpedo. He arrives at the Clark home where a group is awaiting him. He enters the home and is told that the Dire Wraiths have returned to Clairton. Brock tells them there is no way since Rom activated his visor with Detector Vision.


Publisher – Marvel
Published  – January 1984
Written By – Bill Mantlo
Illustrated By –  Mike Zeck

  • Death of Torpedo

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